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18 ethhnicals groupes composed malagasy people, Antesaka is one of theim wich is lying on the south east part of Madagascar and live in wonderfull village of Vangaindrano.
The region is favourable on coffee, cloves, casava and fruit plantation such as letchi, banana, avocado ect…
In terms of fishing, its border to Fort-Dauphin is verry rich on seafood like cryfish and shrimp.
Antesaka’s life is depending on agriculture, farming, hunting and fishing.
The groupe was once reputed as a redoutable warriors for all around Madagascar.Anyhow, their society is always under the sway of “Lonaky” or the spirutual chief of the society and village and life attaches and bases on Fihavanana ( Malagasy wisdom).
Like the other people, the respect of the culture and customs as rule caracterises Antesaka society.This also distinguishes theim between the other ethnicals groupe in Madagascar.
The beauty of the nature and the authenticity of its culture formes its greetest assets to promote developpement on the region.Somes says that it is also its big handicap.
As matter of fact, anywhere they live, the groupe is always settling in a same place.
This caractere often create a kind of selfishness and makes theim possessive and concervator. At this point, it is hard to make up their mind.
Latterly, jealousy and harsh dominates the community but Antesaka is smart and telented. Since the idependency, they have kept a big responsability into Malagasy governement.


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