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Madagasikara has 6 differents university on each province,the university of Toamasina is one of them wich built in 1976 and calls BARIKADIMY UNIVERSITY because of the place where it lays.

The university has two departements.First;Departement of DEGS composed by 3 field:Economy, Managament and Laws.Second; Departement of Letters and Social science wich composed by 4 fields:History, Geography, Philosophy and French.

Students from different places of Madagasikara, Comores and other country of Africa comes there to follow their study in order to get good job in the future.

Entrance axam doesn’t exist in BArikadimy,good school report is enough to go to the university; also all student get scholarship.

Like the other university, Barikadimy has its own motto wich is:”FAHAIZANA SY FANAHY” or “KNOWLEDGE AND SPIRIT” in english.Knowledge via study and spirit in church.Religion like Chritian,Muslim and Advantist take care of student’s soul.

When we talk about study;every spaces like classroom, library and studyroom are occupied day and night especially one mouth before examination.Though, probleme as lack of administrative materials restain the student’s task.Consequently, some are oblige to find documetation out of the campus, subcribing in other library in town, using net and buying books at the market.


Despite the situation, the president of the university stills optimistic and finds the best way to get over this issue and encourages the student to keep on study.As result, 3 years now, partners such as old student, authority and some university from another country like Canada, France suplied Barikadimy in term of computers, books and funds to increase the level of the student.This year, classroom and rooms has been repaired in the cooperation with Ambatovy project,also some material like table, chair and boards has been renewed by the old student.Thanks to the partner, relation is become hopefull bettwen them and the university.

Apart from study; love and fashion occupied the student’s life.Consequently it is hard to find someone without partner at the campus.Love gains their life.Moreover, teenager think that life whithout love likes sauces whithout salt, but sometimes the situation turns bad.

Attracted by the fashion and money, pretty as they are, girls running after richman and stranger to make their fantasy true.As result they come to the net to find partner instead of documentation and the situation compromises the reputation of the university.

As young, student plays sport as football, handball,basketball and volleyball.Every year there is always tournement on those discipline and the match takes place at the campus where different entity runs for a winner.Every weekend, there is a contact party organizes by the entity to welcome the new student and for entertaining but sometimes either sport or party end on a little quarel between a group of student.This year it provokes scuffle between student from the south and north and now, curfew is setting in the campus.


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  1. Outstanding post. “FAHAIZANA SY FANAHY” tokoa. Can’t wait to learn more about the curriculum there at Barikadimy U.

    Comment by lova | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. tsy ratsy an ! sady teny anglisy. mahafinaritra e.

    Comment by sipakv | August 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. your community deserve all the world’s interest we at foko promise you guyz to do all we have in power to hep bring awareness to your causes and your hard work

    Comment by joan | August 8, 2008 | Reply

  4. mety fa tohizo patrick ny fanoranatana sns………….sady miaraka @ teny anglisy vao maiak mba miavaka @ maha zatra. mankasitraka e!

    Comment by pakysse | August 16, 2008 | Reply

  5. Eh bien voilà j’ai trouvez une Fac où je peux aller faire cours en géographie. Les cours sont en Français ???

    Comment by mariesophie | August 22, 2008 | Reply

  6. The facilities have always been a problem but students should also have the will to take care of what they have … it’s like leaving something good for the little brothers and sisters.

    Comment by Tahina | August 11, 2009 | Reply

    • You are quite rigth. Here I just report what people live in the campus. I’m sure that you know how is student way of life.

      Comment by ledhada | October 15, 2009 | Reply

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